Types of Wiper Blades Explained

Push Button Fitment

Equal distributing of force coupled with optimized aerodynamics clearing every portion of the wipers capable range with unbeatable efficiency.

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Side Pin Fitment

In built aerodynamic spoiler. Uniquely designed rails for the perfect fit to your windscreen.

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Pinch Tab Fitment

Custom-designed for increased performance.

Bayonet Top Lock Fitment

Smart and minimalistic design replacing joints and unsightly framing

Conventional Fitment

Conventional wiper blades were the most common type of windscreen wiper ftted to new vehcles up untl a few years ago...

About our Company

Wiper Blades Ltd. are the UK’s leading wholesaler of high quality replacement for windscreen wiper blades and hold in stock different part numbers available for same day dispatch. We offer the widest choice of quality car wipers and hope our Wiper Blade selector will help take the confusion out of buying the correct wiper blades for your vehicle. Simply select your vehicles make, model and year of manufacture to be presented with the largest choice of suitable wipers. We guarantee that the wiper blades shown for the vehicle details entered are designed to fit that model.

With the ever growing range of wiper blade types and fittings please see our fitting guide and advice centre page. Here we explain the difference between various different wiper blades and we also explain and show examples of the various fittings for the latest flat car wiper blades, such as Pinch Tab, Side pin and Bayonet adapters. These are now usually fitted to new vehicles such as Audi, BMW & Renault vehicles.

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Our Services

Auto Dimming Wing Mirror Repair

We do all Auto Dimming Side View Mirror repaires in low price.

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Wing Mirror Repairs

If buying replacement for your car wing mirror is not an option, then you can always go for our repair services.

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Custom Size Wing Mirror

If you dont find your Mirror Glass in search selection, we can do cut to size for any Make and Model of Your Car.

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